The 5 Best board meeting software for Managing Complex Tasks for Better Results

Using convenient board software, you can always quickly and easily exchange documents anytime, anywhere from any device, and hold regular board meetings with geographically dispersed employees. So, what are the most reliable board meeting software solutions?

Board software: manage complex tasks with better results

The challenges of modern business require maximum mobility and high responsiveness in rapidly changing circumstances. Often the solution to such issues requires the boards of directors to move from one place to another, which often leads to a significant loss of working time. Establishing effective interaction between employees and organizing prompt receipt of customer feedback is necessary to achieve leadership positions. It is well known that time is the most precious resource. Under these conditions, board meeting software will be an excellent tool to help companies solve problems efficiently, saving time and other resources.

The board software is a cloud-based solution for arranging virtual meetings of executive bodies. This digital platform offers a unique communications experience. Psychologists say that more than half of important information is transmitted non-verbally, so it is impossible to do without personal communication. In addition, the board software creates a sense of natural and live communication between board members far from each other.

Since the system is based on standard IP technology, which is widely used, it is quite easy to deploy the system. The board portal includes helpful tools for meeting planning, management, and reports. In the case of regular meetings, before each new meeting, the system generates a report on outstanding tasks according to the minutes of previous meetings. It allows the board members to control the execution of long-term orders and not forget the decisions made at the meetings.

The top 5 highly-estimated board portals

The list of the best 5 

  1. Azeus-Convene

It is an easy-to-manage group video communication tool. Participants can join a meeting through a browser without installing software or registering. The only one who needs the program is the organizer, who will generate the link and send it to the rest. The platform uses end-to-end encryption and security certificates to ensure that all conferences are protected from information leakage and accidental guests. For additional protection, the call administrator can open the entrance to the channel with a password.

  1. Sherpany

The software allows the boards to conduct video conferences, arrange video calls, and exchange messages. In addition to videos, participants can share screens, files, and links. The group has a search history and archive for the last ten years. You can also record the conference to local storage or in the cloud.

  1. BoardPro

It will help you conduct video conferences in 4K format and broadcast your computer screen to the whole group. You don’t need to send links or schedule meetings via the calendar – add participants to the board portal directly from your contacts. You will also have the option to ask the team to vote on an idea. The app will count the votes and share the results with you.

  1. Diligent

With its help, you can hold conferences for 300 interlocutors. In addition, it offers standard features: sharing a computer monitor, exchanging media files, and synchronizing with business applications (Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.) enterprises. Since Diligent provides a separate corporate server, the company can hold meetings on the local network without access to the Internet.

  1. Wrike

Video conferencing system with its cloud storage and artificial intelligence. The neural network collects data on who calls whom more often, in what schedule, what content is shared, etc. It helps the program choose the optimal meeting mode for the entire team and prevent employee burnout.